Do you really want to leave your retirement future in the hands of the politicians?

Do you trust that they have your best interests in mind?
And that they won’t leave you with this?

Tough luck to future generations

If so, then just sit back and do nothing, and surf the Web somewhere else.

A special message from the executive director of AAFR,
the American Association of Future Retirees:

Dear Fellow Future Retiree,

Let’s face it: Social Security (and Medicare, and even many corporate pensions) will soon be running out of money. And the politicians are doing nothing.

It’s easy to understand why. Social Security has been called the “third rail” of politics. Tough choices must be made. Today’s politicians would rather avoid the subject, keep getting re-elected, and eventually retire in comfort while somebody else deals with the mess.

But if we don’t want to live with that mess—meaning drastically reduced retirement benefits—we can’t allow this to happen. Somebody has to raise the issue now. Somebody has to demand action. Somebody has to hold the politicians accountable.

That somebody is us: the American Association of Future Retirees. Like AARP, we were founded to address the specific needs of a particular demographic group: those who expect to retire within the next few decades. We’re non-partisan when it comes to other political issues. But when it comes to the issues affecting future retirees, we’re passionate. We advocate for you in Washington and beyond.

You can’t save Social Security alone. Neither can we. So let’s work together. Remember, in numbers there is strength. That’s why you need us—and we need you.

Right now, we need additional members to lend their voices to our efforts more than we need money. So the first 5,000 memberships—our charter memberships—are absolutely free of charge.

So please join us. We won’t spam you, share your address with third parties, or badger you for money. But we will keep you up to date with our quarterly newsletter; occasionally ask you to write your congressional representative or senator when an important vote is coming up; and politely inform you once per year when we’re having our annual fund drive. (Of course, you can unsubscribe from our “austerely infrequent” communications at any time.)

Let’s work together to make sure that our retirement years are not something to worry about, but a time to genuinely look forward to!

With best regards,
Ed Garrison
Executive Director
AAFR, the American Association of Future Retirees

Yes, Ed, I’m with you! I want to be a part of AAFR. Please enroll me as a charter member with no obligation of any kind, financial or otherwise.

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