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strength in numbersThe first 5,000 charter memberships are free of charge.

Joining won’t cost you money or obligate you in any way, yet you’ll be lending your voice to the growing number of future retirees who

  • demand that the politicians to stop ignoring them, and take meaningful steps to preserve Social Security, Medicare, and corporate pensions
  • care about their children’s and children’s children’s prosperity, and don’t want it squandered
  • want to keep informed about issues that matter to them

So please join us. We won’t spam you, share your address with third parties, or badger you for money. But we will keep you up to date with our quarterly newsletter; occasionally ask you to write your congressional representative or senator when an important vote is coming up; and politely inform you once per year when we’re having our annual fund drive. (Of course, you can unsubscribe from our “austerely infrequent” communications at any time.)

Let’s work together to be sure that our retirement years are not something to worry about, but a time to genuinely look forward to!

I’m on board! I want to be a part of AAFR. Please enroll me as a charter member with no obligation of any kind, financial or otherwise.

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